A Full Guide On Russian Wives: Who Are They? How To Attract Them?

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A lot of people use the site to meet people who live close to them so it’s important to bear this in mind if you are looking for a relationship with someone who lives further afield

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Singles Russian

Singles Russian is one of the leading online dating site catering to a wide segment of people offering a platform for those who are looking for a long-term association.

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Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date making successful matches for over 20 years

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Millions of beautiful Russian women want to build a family. Thousands and even tens of thousands of them want to build a family with an American man. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We are sure that it does because as you probably know, these awesome women make great wives (and tens of thousands of men from the US already know about it). But we are sure that this information isn’t enough for you — after all, you’ll have to spend at least $1,000 to buy a Ukrainian or Russian wife, so we believe that you want to know what you’ll pay for.

PrettyRussianBrides.com team will give you all the necessary information right here. We are going to answer all of your questions about the best character traits of these girls, about safety, about bots, about how to choose decent Russian bride services, and about how to attract and find Russian girl.

How do mail order brides work?

And we’ll start with some basic things. Let’s talk about how does this whole system works.

Here’s how it works for women: they sign up, upload photos, respond to the letters, use translation services (if needed), and find a foreign husband. They usually don’t have to pay anything — most such sites are 100% free for female users. Sometimes, the agencies do also provide photographer services (it’s usually not free). For men, everything’s a little different. Let’s be more detailed.

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If you’ve ever tried any dating site, you will not have any problems with any Russian bride service (and it’s not about Russian services only; they all are actually the same). The reason is very simple: such services work in the same way as all the other dating sites work (even the local ones). You sign up, use search, find women, like their photos, add them to favorites, send messages, use live chat, etc, etc. However, there are some differences — the first difference is geographical, and the second one is financial.

As for the geographical one, it’s very simple — all the women on such sites are from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (if we’re talking about Russian dating services). As for the financial difference, it’s very simple, too — while American dating sites are usually free (sometimes they have some special paid features), their international counterparts usually don’t offer any free features. Well, except for registration and search.

Why do Russian women love American men?

The number of Russian women seeking men is very high — tens or even hundreds of thousands of them use international dating services. But why are they doing it? Why do they want to meet a guy from the United States? Let’s talk about it.

By the way, we don’t want to offend anyone, so we won’t talk about Russian men here. Only about their American counterparts.

  • At first, they are very goal-oriented. It’s a so-called “score mentality”, it manifests itself both in career choices as well as in relationships, and it’s the thing all the Russian girls love.
  • Then, American guys know what dating is. Restaurants, fancy dinners, romantic date night — it’s part of American culture, so of course, Americans are very good at it.
  • American guys can act like real gentlemen. It may not be so important in the modern United States, but it’s extremely important for Russian ladies. If you’re a gentleman, your chances to attract a Russian are extremely high.
  • Americans want to have a family. Well, lots of them. Unlike the guys from Russia, the men from the US are perfect fathers, who want to have a serious relationship rather than a hookup. Taking into account the mentality of Russian women, it’s another huge plus for you.

Russian women’s traits

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Alright, now it’s clear why these women want to have an American husband. But what about vice versa? Why dating Russian Women is worth it?

  • They are great cookers, they know how to clean, and they know, how to raise children, despite their age. Almost 100% of Russian girls were raised in traditional families with traditional values, so your wife from Russia will never tell you that she doesn’t want to, say, cook dinner.
  • Another thing you should know before you’ll meet girls from Russia is that they are very feminine. Yeah, they are a little Westernized (during the last 30 years, the Western culture has become extremely popular in the Russian Federation), but these women are still very… Womenly, if we may say so. They are tender, feminine, and modest. You’ll love it.
  • Their beauty is the thing we just couldn’t ignore. Nothing to say about it — just choose a site, sign up, watch their photos, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Russian mail order bride sites. Are they safe?

Yes, they are. But not all of them.

We mean that as in any other sphere, there are both good and bad examples here. The bad ones have lots of bots and fake profiles. The good ones have only real profiles, low prices, and give a real opportunity to meet Russian ladies. On the bad sites, you’ll most likely waste your cash. On the good sites, you won’t have such problems. The only difficulty is how to choose the right website.

Choosing a perfect mail order bride site

It makes sense that you want to find a good and safe dating site with a huge Russian bride catalogue and with a good reputation. Here’s what factors you’ll have to consider:

  • Safety. Does a website have all the necessary safety certificates?
  • Reputation. Does the site have lots of positive reviews?
  • Russian mail bride order catalog. Does the site have thousands or even tens of thousands of members? Are these members real?
  • The number of messaging tools. Is there a live chat and a video chat? Can you call your date if you want to hear her voice?
  • Prices. Are they reasonable? The Russian mail order brides prices are usually quite high because the dating services have to spend thousands of dollars every single month. So, if the site is too cheap, it’s quite suspicious.

How to distinguish a real Russian bride from a bot?

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There are three main rules on how to distinguish a real profile from a fake profile. Here they are:

  • First, always google the profile photo of the Women. If her photo is real, it’s ok. If you see that many profiles on many websites use this photo, it’s a red flag.
  • Then, don’t forget that you must be realistic. Some websites have lots of members who send messages even to empty, newly created male profiles, even if these new profiles don’t have any profile photos. It’s very suspicious, too.
  • And of course, don’t send them money. It’s most likely a bot or a gold digger —yes, unfortunately, some of these girls are gold-diggers. Not more than 1% of them, of course, but it’s still frustrating.

How to attract a girl from Russia? Short guide

It’s a very deep subject, actually. However, we’ll tell you three main rules here — just follow them and everything will be ok.

  • Bring a gift. It’s not that kind of gift you give to a Women to buy her, no! It’s a kind of gift you give to her to show her that you’re a generous and caring man. A gentleman, remember? In addition, it’s a Russian tradition.
  • Always plan the date. It’s all about the traditional gender values — you are the man, so you have to be the leader, the protector of the family, and the one who leads her. It’s simple as that… Well, even if it isn’t so simple for you, you’ll have to learn how to be a leader if you are going to marry a girl from this country.
  • Don’t go too fast on the first date. Unlike some women from Asia, the Russian ladies don’t like it when a man expects to get sex on the first date (unless we’re talking about Tinder, of course). Go slower, and you’ll be rewarded.


Congratulations — now you know how to order a Russian bride, how to attract her, and how to choose a decent website to find them. All you have to do now is choose the dating service, sign up, and start chatting with women — so don’t waste your time and do it right now. Well, why not?